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9 Marketing Materials Where You Can Place QR Codes

QR codes make it easy for people to follow a link without having to type it on their phones’ browsers. Here are some materials where you can put your QR code.

1-Business Cards

It’s not common practice to put QR codes in business cards but it can be done of course. It actually makes sense to put QR codes in business cards so people can just scan them if they want to know more about you.

2-Custom Posters

Posters are still effective in promoting events. If you’re using posters to promote an event, then it’s definitely useful to place a QR code in it that will lead people to your website. It’s easy to include your QR code in the poster.


Handing out and sending postcards is an effective way to promote a business. People will surely remember your brand especially if your postcards are well-designed. Postcards can surely create the much-needed buzz for your business. And if you include your QR code in postcards, then you make it more convenient for your customers to reach you.

4-Custom Flyers

Back in the day, people would just stand on street corners and hand out flyers. Flyers are still effective marketing materials. And now apart from important details, you can include a QR code in it.

5-Custom Sheet Stickers

You can also put QR codes in custom sheet stickers. Having your own stickers is important if you have a business. It gives you a chance to brand almost anything. It will surely impress your prospective customers.

6-Custom Floor Decals

QR codes in-floor decals? Why not? These floor decals are often used for reminders but they can also serve as marketing materials. The best thing about floor decals is that they are hard to miss.

7-Custom Brochures

Brochures allow you to put in more details than a flyer or even poster would allow. These are targeted materials that should be given only to those who show genuine interest in your business. And if you still can’t put everything in a brochure, then you can place a QR code on it.

8-Custom Door Hangers

People surely won’t miss your message if you place them on their doors with door hangers. It’s an effective way to advertise your business, especially in a small community.

9-Custom Rack Cards

Rack cards can effectively deliver your message in a succinct format. And if people want to know more, then all they have to do is scan your QR code.

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