5 Basic Tips When You Design Sticker

1. Style and reference Sticker in addition to being a common drawing is always important to design a sticker that is useful and simple and does not overload. 2. Simplify the design Have your references clear and with them choose simple lines such as triangles, squares, and circles. This will help you start creating something … Continue reading “5 Basic Tips When You Design Sticker”

DIY Pillowcases: How To Do It!

The materials you need: 1.1 m of fabric Matched wire Finished size: 50 cm x 75 cm Cut rectangles like this: 105cm x 70cm, 105cm x 23cm, 105cm x 5cm. Fold the narrow strip of fabric in half of its length with the wrong sides inside and press. This will be your hem. Place the … Continue reading “DIY Pillowcases: How To Do It!”

5 Effective DIY Home Security Ideas For Your Home

Keep reading to discover the best DIY home security ideas for your home. 1. INSTALL DIY HOME SECURITY CAMERAS Installing security cameras is one of the most fruitful home security ideas, as burglars are deterred from breaking into such homes. Even as you mount security cameras and systems, you must learn familiar places from where … Continue reading “5 Effective DIY Home Security Ideas For Your Home”

Reuse Old Clothes DIY Ideas

Fashion is a circle. Old clothes do not mean that there is no use for them anymore. Old clothes only mean that you have new opportunities. There are some people who turn old clothes into rags but why waste such good material, right? Here are some DIY tips that you can do to turn your … Continue reading “Reuse Old Clothes DIY Ideas”

3 DIY Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Polaroid Magnets What better way to keep track of memories than to put photos up of you and your family? What’s more, you can have them be functional and usable as well, aside from just being decorative. See your family and loved one’s memories every time you take a trip to the beloved family fridge. … Continue reading “3 DIY Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones”