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  • Keep It Unique

If you look to different successful brands, they’re able to set themselves apart by using logos and font styles that no other brand can replicate. Your logo has to embody your brand’s purpose and matches its mission. Using clear fonts that cannot be mistaken for other shapes or letters will protect you from miscommunication of your brand’s name or disastrous misspellings.

  • A Signature Look

When you’re thinking about how to design packaging for your product, it pays to remember that you need at least one or two signature colors that people will recall your product by. If you’re unsure about which colors will pop and will remain memorable for customers, try to organize a test group that you’ll send your products to. Get their feedback and improve on your product’s look.

  • For The Non-Creatives

For business owners that aren’t on the artistic side but want creative logos and designs that will set them apart from all other similar competitors’ products’ packaging, online logo creators will do all the hard work for you. These applications are available as software on your computers and even on your smartphone pre-loaded with shapes, colors, and designs to help you find your signature look.

  • Pay An Artist

Nowadays you can pay freelance artists to customize your product’s packaging according to what you want before you mass-produce them. Whether or not your business is all about DIY jewelry or self made cosmetics, you can have your packaging and logo made according to your preferences utilizing another person’s skills and talents.

  • Analyze Your Demographic

In order to figure out how to design logo or design packaging for your products, it is important to analyze your customer demographic. If your product is targeted towards younger women, your packaging must be brightly colored and quirky, or if your products are more geared toward older women, bold but pastel colors will emulate class for an older generation. If your products are for men or boys, then bold darker colors will feel more appropriate and will make them feel more comfortable when buying your products.

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