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It is actually really easy. You just have to purchase the sticker paper that you like whether it be glossy or matte or other types of sticker paper. Then you just have to prepare the sticker designs that you like. You may get photographs of various things like dogs, clothing, and others, then you can play around and edit them together or add some text into them, draw on them, or edit some stuff out. Or you may use your own photos. you can create any design you like. If you are not skillful in digital art, what you can do is to draw on paper then scan the image.

Simply print the image or the design that you’ve created on your sticker paper, then let it dry. Drying time depends on the type of printer you have and on the ink that you are using. It also depends on the sticker paper that you are using especially its texture. Ink on glossy sticker paper dries out slower.

If you have sticker cutters, you may use that so that you don’t have to cut manually. But since these are usually just used for business and not a lot of people have them, you may simply use your scissors and cut the stickers one by one. Then they are ready to be used. Have fun creating DIY stickers at home!

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