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The materials you need:

1.1 m of fabric

Matched wire

Finished size: 50 cm x 75 cm

Cut rectangles like this: 105cm x 70cm, 105cm x 23cm, 105cm x 5cm.

Fold the narrow strip of fabric in half of its length with the wrong sides inside and press. This will be your hem.

Place the pins or clips along the 105cm x 23cm side, aligning the raw edges. This will form your lapel, the straight part of which will be on the outside.

Then take the largest cutout of your fabric, with the right side inside.

Roll it up towards the part stopped by the pins or clips until you see the underside of the flap. Fold the flap over to the side where the pins/clips are, keeping the widest cut of the fabric inside. Secure it with the same pins/clips to include all five layers (flap, two hem layers, larger fabric, flap).

If the layers slip, you can baste every single step together as you go through the work.

Now sew the different layers together keeping a 1.25 cm seam allowance and using matching thread.

Place the largest cutout outside the middle of your roll – by doing so, the flap should automatically turn right. If you want, iron and topstitch the latter a little away from the seam allowance.

Fold the short side of the fabric over to the short side. We use French seams to hide the rough hems, so fold the wrong sides of the fabric first. Sew along the long and bottom side keeping a 0.75cm allowance, topstitching at the beginning and end. Do not sew the end of the cuff together!

Cut the corner of the seam allowance with sharp scissors. l

If you are using a label, baste it on the largest part of the pillow 2.5 cm away from the edge.

Turn the pillowcase inside out and iron it.

Sew the hems once more with a 0.75 cm allowance – you can also keep a larger seam allowance if necessary and cover the original seam.

Turn the pillowcase on its right side by carefully pulling out the corners. Finished!

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