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So, if you feel lost and don’t know how to start this process, take note of these tips that will be useful in the process of choosing your wedding invitation:

1. Get inspired by other invitations

If you still don’t have a solid idea of what you want, the best way is to research invitation design templates on Instagram, Pinterest, or Google.

You can search for suggestions on the internet, here you will find an infinity of special designs, which you can compare, discard or merge several models into one.

2. Define your style

What kind of wedding are you going to want? Traditional, elegant, simple, ostentatious ?. This is important to define before choosing invitation design, the type of paper, and colors will depend on it.

3. Get creative with colors

Ivory or white or cream are the ones that are usually chosen for wedding invitations. But this will always change depending on your theme. If you are very daring you can choose vibrant colors, you just have to be careful not to overload, remember the motto that “less is more”.

4. Don’t feel limited in the way

Yes, we know that it is normal to deliver a rectangular-shaped card, but why not try another type of silhouette? You can try oval, square, or abstract-edged invitations. Anyway, you can choose the way you like the most.

5. Don’t neglect any details

The information that goes on the card must be a guideline for your guests, so you must put the name of the bride and groom and parents first, date, place, time, dress code, table number, and depending on your style From a card you can add a map to get to the place, in short, the idea is to place information that you consider relevant to emphasize, but that if, do not saturate it with information.

6. Be careful with the font!

You must be careful when choosing the font and calligraphy, the color of the letter. You must bear in mind that it must be legible at all times. When you choose a very stylized typeface it can lose its readability.

7. Organize the information

As we told you before, you must provide clear and precise information. They must be important data, this will help it look delicate and elegant and above all things ORGANIZED.

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