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Custom Team Clothes

Having custom team clothes help give your members a feeling of belonging, a sense of camaraderie, and something to fight for. Your team will feel that they’re representing your home base and will induce a sense of competitiveness. Your custom team clothes should include shirts, trousers or shorts and hats with your label or logo. This is a great part of the team-building process because your team members can wear your custom team clothes long after the trip or exercise is done and will serve as great usable souvenirs in the future.

Airsoft Or Paintball

These team-building exercises are fun and have a sense of survival, there’s a great risk of losing members of your staff in case they get (non fatally) shot. This is the ultimate activity for fostering team spirit because there are obstacles and dangers surrounding your team that you must tactically take out in order to achieve victory. This also fosters team spirit through strengthening your teammates’ confidence in themselves and each other. This is no small feat when it comes to building friendships and lifelong bonds.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are all about puzzles, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and common sense, things that can strengthen team spirit for your workmates. When you’re stuck in a seemingly dangerous and spooky room or chamber, the sense of danger will encourage your colleagues to work together to save one another. Either that, or they’ll become competitive (which isn’t a bad thing) and may encourage friendly competitiveness among work friends. This will strengthen their sense of duty at work after having fun off work!

Relay Races

Relay races are awesome games to play for people that want to build camaraderie with each other since relay races depend solely on each team member’s ability to sprint whatever item they need to pass on. This is one activity that can get their hearts racing and even assist with a little bit of physical fitness. Relay races can be versatile and be turned into any kind of game and can include as many members as you want. These can take place at any venue your team-building activities are taking place at.

Musical Chairs

Hey, just because it’s fun for kids, doesn’t mean it isn’t fun for adults. It’s fun, cheesy and one of the best classic team-building party games that still get the team’s heart pounding. Strengthening bonds isn’t all about serious psychologically analytic activities, sometimes team spirit comes from straight stupid fun. It clears the air of work hostility, releases stress, and becomes all about the game. Improve work relations and team spirit through plain old fun.

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