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A beginner in making a DIY necklace? Don’t fret. It’s quite easy actually. A simple and beautiful string style is already a good start. For instance, just need a thread or wire, string some beads in, and add a clasp, done!

The basics of a handmade necklace are as follows:

1.Choose Your Chain or String Material

There are various available beading wires, threads, string types, and cords that you can choose from. Consider the kind of bead and/or materials that you will use when selecting the chain.

2. Select Your Beads and Other Components

If you are uncertain about what materials to use and are following a certain pattern, check the listed materials needed. If you want to try your hand at how creative you are, then, by all means, this is your chance.

3. Add Your Selected Components or String Your Beads

4. Do a Knot or Add a Clasp

At the ends of your string, secure them with crimp tubes and/or clasps.

A few handmade necklaces in your jewelry collection are an absolute must. They bring something fresh, unique, and, definitely, build up your getup. Wouldn’t you get a satisfying feeling and pleasure when you look at your fashionable safe and see the jewelry that you made?

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