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If you just decide to design your first business card or re-design one for some reason, most of us would like to see what others that have the same situation have said about the design things. What the right business card should have? Of course, there should have your brief personal info, but the outlook of the cards is perhaps the best bet to follow.

The element your business card needs:

1. Personal information
Your purpose to give that card is let someone interested in your business remember ‘who you are ’ and ‘what you do ’ will be the most info you want to deliver. So, name or your
business name and your job should be told.

2. Contact Infomation
Once your customer or potential one wants to connect you, phone number or e-mail address are the most basic things.

3. Logo
You can show people what your business really is and what kind of person are you just by a simple logo. So, if you still blank on this area, please design one right now.

4. Location
Just help people find your store easily if you can draw a small map of your location will be better. You will be thankful when you too busy to pick up a phone call or see someone else losing their customers because of place is hard to find.

5. Color& Themes
This one is definitely important, it’s a little trick, everyone may know, but still did not realize the strong power–Color. The color edge can kick your card off the boring and show personality, try to find your memorable color and themes that fit you.

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