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After you define the theme of your wedding, it is time to choose the type of wedding invitations, that is why here we show you the styles of invitations most used this season, it is good that you take them into account when choosing the style invitation:

1. Classic

This type of invitation is perfect if you do not want to experiment and choose paper types, this style stands out for its white and subtle tones, the typography is simple in black, brown, and touches of gold.


If you want something elegant and it is the theme of your wedding, it is perfect if the invitation is white and you give it a touch of color that gives you a classic but modern style.

3. Vintage

It is preferred when your wedding theme is vintage, this detail has inlays or is printed, the typography must reflect this style and the paper must-have texture, it is an element that you should not miss.

4. Botanical

Taking inspiration from mother nature, invitations should reflect freshness with the help of bright colors and decorated with floral details, whether embossed or printed.


They are designs where you can not miss the elegant and sophisticated, this will match with laser invitation techniques. The paper should be delicate and the colors should be between white, red, blue, black, gold, and silver. Stand out by choosing the ideal combination.

6. Country and Beach

With the name you can already imagine where the theme goes, these are ideal when you perform weddings outdoors or in places like the field or the beach. You can use details such as starfish, yellow bows referring to the sun, nature, and blue, green, and orange tones to stand out and dominate this style of invitations.

7. Mandala

This type of theme is useful if you are a lover of the spiritual and rituals. This culture has predominated in romantic unions for its romantic and harmonic style. It is normal to see them in Buddhist religions and Hindu-style weddings. These designs are special and can be combined with vivid colors with a contrasting background.

8. Modern

A style where every idea is valid. The style of calligraphy, original details, variety of color tones, all are valid in this trend. So you can give a personal and original touch to your wedding invitations

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