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The Best 12 Wedding Invitations Of 2021

Getting married is one of the most beautiful experiences we can live throughout our lives. However, a wedding requires a lot of planning to be the way we always dreamed it would be. Therefore, weddings should be planned to avoid delays and to be able to book everything in time for the wedding to be perfect. One of the things that takes a lot of time is to get the perfect invitation card, so here are the best 12 wedding invitations of 2021.

1-Wedding Invitations

One of the most important things to choose a wedding invitation is that it can be customized, in terms of color, language and theme. This wedding invitation has these 3 elements. You can customize the color, the fold, the size, and choose from the wide range of themes available. Out of 1147 reviews, these invitations have an average rating of 4.4 stars.

2-Wedding Rsvp Cards

Having a wedding RSVP card is a must for wedding planning, so you can perfectly plan the menu, seating, etc. These incredible wedding RSVP cards are 5.5" x 4" in size, ideal for creating a perfect match with the menu, invitation, postcards, etc. You can choose from over 7 paper options, such as Linen, Premium motte, and Pearl shimmer.

3-Wedding Enclosure Cards

Invitation cards are the first impression our guests will receive, so they should express our style and convey the information we want to convey uniquely and beautifully. With these enclosure cards, you will give the perfect touch to your invitations. They are 5.5" x 4" in size, and you can choose from a wide variety of designs, colors, and paper types.

4-Save The Date Cards

Once you book the wedding day, it's time to share the good news with all your loved ones and friends, and the best way to do it is with a save the date card. These save the date cards are fantastic they have embossed foil for a sophisticated touch, you can add photos, text, and even URLs. You can choose from a wide variety of designs or upload your own design.

5-Save The Date Magnets

Let your guests know about the big day beautifully and originally with magnets. These magnets are customizable, you can upload your design or choose from the wide variety available. The size of the magnets is 5.47" x 4.21" horizontal, 17.5mm thick. Plus, the envelopes are free, so you can save some money with these magnets.

6-Custom Envelopes

For our wedding we want everything to be spectacular, and it all starts with the envelopes where the invitations, RSVP cards, and others will go. Personalizing the envelopes will give a unique touch to your special day and your guests will be surprised when they receive your mail. With these Custom Envelopes, you can create a unique envelope for your wedding invitation, choosing from 5 different sizes and using your own design.

7-Envelope Seals

An incredible way to add a touch of elegance and distinction to your wedding invitations is with a personalized envelope seal. With these envelope seals, you can accent your invitations in a fantastic way such as a stamp with the initials of your name, a photo, etc. Plus, it goes great with any type of paper and any design.

8-Wedding Programs

The best way to keep your guests organized on your wedding day is with a wedding program. This will allow you to prepare your guests for the most spectacular day of your life. The size of this wedding program is 6" x 9", enough space to put all the most relevant information about the wedding. You can choose the type of paper, design, and colors to match the invitation and more.

9-Rounded Corner Invitations

To plan the dream wedding we must start with the perfect invitations, and these are an excellent choice. These rounded corner invitations have a distinctive look with a shape that will attract the attention of your guests. You can choose from 4 different sizes and 6 types of paper.

10.Dinner Menus

The dinner menu is also an important part of the wedding. Just because it's the menu doesn't mean it has to be boring like in a street restaurant. With this 4" x 8" dinner menu you can uniquely tell your guests what they will have for dinner on your special day. You can choose the theme, design, colors, paper, and much more.

11-Wedding Reception Cards

Get your special day off to the best start with a perfect reception card. Your guests will be even more excited when they receive a personalized reception card. You can choose a unique card with a design that fits your wedding theme to create an unforgettable memory for you and all your guests. You can choose from 7 types of paper, trim rounded or standard, and much more.

12-Custom Thank You Cards

The best way to show our guests thank you for joining us at our wedding is with a custom thank you card. These thank you cards come in embossed foil and are available in 5 different types of paper. You can choose between rounded or standard corners. In addition, you can choose from several designs or upload your own design.

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