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Top 9 Cricut Machines & Tools For Artworks

A designer has to cut many artworks perfectly. It is crucial to cut the sheets symmetrically to provide an excellent viewing experience. If you want to process the bulk of papers to make artwork commercially, you may need Cricut. We have arranged a list of top Cricut-related products to improve your designs.

1.Cricut Explore Air 2

It can cut material with 12 inches width. It has six cutting tools and is compatible with 100 types of materials. It does not have commercial performance. You can connect it with USB and aid with the home printers also.

2.Cricut Maker

You can use it commercially because it has commercial performance. It is compatible with more than 300 types of materials. It provides flexibility as it has 13 cutting tools. It is not compatible with Smart Materials.

3.Cricut Explore 3

If you want to cut wide sheets, it is one of the Cricut machines of choice. It can cut sheets of 13 inches in width. It has six cutting tools to cut 100 types of compatible materials. You can use Smart Materials in it because of compatibility. It is also possible to transfer data from this machine using a USB.

4.Cricut Joy

It is a less expensive version of the machines. You can only connect it using Bluetooth. You can only cut 5.5-inch sheets with this machine. It has three cutting tools only and is not compatible with Smart Materials.

5.Cricut Maker 3

It is one of the most sophisticated cutting machines. It is compatible with 13-inch sheets also. It is the perfect choice for designers as it has 13 cutting tools. You can connect it using USB and Bluetooth. You can also use Smart Materials in this machine.

6.Point Replacement Blades

It is compatible with the Maker Model, Explore Model, and many others. It is a long-lasting blade set that you can get in bulk also. You can do hours of cutting with these blades.

7.Engraving Tip

It is perfect for engraving materials. You can make monograms, tags, and jewelry using this tool. It is compatible with Maker models only.

8.Standgrip Machine Mats

It is perfect for heavy materials as you can place cardboard on it also. It is suitable for the Maker Models and the Explore Models only. The material used to make these sheets ensure a high level of adhesion for heavy materials.

9.Perforation Blade

It is a rotating blade with 2.5mm teeth and 0.5mm gaps. It is compatible with Maker Models only. It is essential to use the QuickSwap housing to install it in the machine. It is perfect for cards and papers.

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