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10 Business Printables For Your Next Big Event

Make sure you’re ready for a business event or meeting with these business cards and marketing materials.


Postcards are making a revival. Some people are even collecting postcards now. Businesses caught on to the trend and started giving away postcards instead of boring flyers. Don’t be left behind. There are so many uses for these customized postcards.

2-Postcard Magnets

Take your marketing game to a whole new level with these postcard magnets. Magnets are useful. They can be used to hold things up on the ref or magnetic bulletin board. Your brand will surely get noticed if you give away postcards magnets.

3-Custom Flyers

Flyers are boring only when you let them be boring. But with Vistaprint's eye-catching templates, you can have attractive flyers that people will surely notice. Giving away flyers is still one of the best ways to promote your business in an event.

4-Premium Business Cards

Why have normal-looking business cards when you can have a special one? The premium business cards have high quality. This is the card to have if you want people to take you seriously.

5-Specialty Business Cards

If you don’t want to use regular paper for your business cards, then you can choose cards that are made of plastic or special paper. These are more durable than regular business cards. They have a special feel to them too.

6-Rounded-Corner Business Cards

You don’t have a square personality. So why are you giving away business cards that are? Business cards with round corners are unique. It’s perfect for those who want to set themselves apart from others.

7-Foil Accent Business Cards

Do you want your business to shine? Then get business cards that glitter. These business cards have metallic accents that make them look and feel more special. Giving these cards is a great way to be remembered.

8-Ultra Thick Business Cards

If you want to have business cards that have a weight to them then you need to choose these ultra-thick cards. Surely, no one will lose this card in a stack of business cards.

9-Natural Textured Business Cards

If you want people to know that you care about the planet, then you can start with your choice of business cards. These are made from earth-friendly recycled paper that is good for the planet.

10.Triple Color Layer Business Cards

You’ll certainly make a good first impression with these cards. It’s a thick card with a pop of color in the middle.

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