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7 Special Custom Invitations For The Perfect Baby Shower

Are you planning to have a baby shower soon? Then you should consider these products for baby showers and announcements that will make the event more memorable.

1-Baby Shower Invitations

If you’re having a baby shower then you need to send out cute invitations to announce the event. Custom options allow you to design your own invitations. Or you can use the cute template available from Vistaprint.

2-Birth Announcements

The birth of a child is a very special occasion. You need to make sure that everyone close to you knows that you have given birth with a custom birth announcement. You can even include a photo of your newborn child so people will know how he or she looks.

3-Custom Baby Postcards

Instead of the usual invitations or cards, you can send a postcard instead. It’s a cool way to announce a baby’s birth or to invite someone to a baby shower. Postcards get the message across effectively. People will surely notice your postcard especially if it has a cute design.

4-Custom Baby Envelopes

For maximum effect and cuteness, you need to get a matching envelope for the baby shower invitation. Your mail will definitely stand out with eye-catching custom envelopes. Using an attractive envelope is important because it’s the first thing people see.

5-Baby Envelope Seals

Complete your baby shower invitation with custom baby envelope seals. Having custom seals is part of having a complete uniform look for your invitation. Putting custom seals on each of your invitations surely beats just using glue.

6-Baby Return Address Labels

Save yourself from having to manually write your return address at the back of envelopes with these custom return address labels.

7-Custom Paper Bags

If you want to give tokens after the baby shower then you should get custom paper bags that match the event’s theme.

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