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8 Promotional Materials To Spread The Word Around

Here are some outdoor promotional items that can attract more customers to your business.


You can add a personalized touch to your business with the use of postcards. The use of postcards is an old method but it still works. Vistaprint will not only print your postcard but will mail them too.

2-Postcard Magnets

What’s better than regular postcards? Magnetic ones of course. If you make attractive postcard magnets then people will surely stick them on their refs or metal cabinets.

3-Custom Posters

Having custom posters is the best way to decorate your shop or office walls. Vistaprint offers plenty of options for poster printing. They have pre-made designs or you can upload your own.

4-Poster Calendars

Why get a generic calendar when you can have your own. Poster calendars can also serve as useful souvenirs that your customers will surely appreciate. It’s a great way to make people remember your business.

5-Custom Floor Decals

Everybody is using posters and banners nowadays. If you want to be truly unique, then you should use custom floor decals for your business. These are easy to spot and you can use them to convey safety reminders.

6-Custom Plastic Door Signs

If you have a restaurant or a shop, then having a door sign is a must. But even door signs can serve as promotional materials. You can use these signs for room names, maps, announcements, etc.

7-Custom Fabric Banners

If you want your business to stand out in trade shows and events, then an effective way to do so is with the use of custom fabric banners. And since these are machine-washable, you can use them over and over again.

8-Custom Flyers

Why do businesses still use flyers? Because they are effective. But of course, you need attractive flyers if you want to catch attention.

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