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8 Outdoor Advertising Options To Attract More Customers

Here are some outdoor promotional items that can attract more customers to your business.

1-Custom Yard Signs

Using yard signs is still one of the best ways to promote a business, property for sale, or an event. Vistaprint offers some eye-catching yard sign designs. The prints are guaranteed to be weatherproof and fade-resistant making them perfect for outdoor use.


SIgnicades are perfect for parking lots, sidewalks, and other areas where foot traffic is high. This is made from a sturdy A-frame that is perfect for all seasons. It won’t rust or get damaged easily.

3-Custom Chalkboard Signs

Handwritten signs and messages on a chalkboard will give your business a much-needed personal touch. This is made with a lightweight wooden frame that makes it easy to set up anywhere. It’s also foldable so it's very easy to store.

4-Custom Flags

These flags are strong enough to withstand the elements. They can help your business stand out in a busy outdoor venue since they are visible even from afar. They can surely catch attention and point people to your location.

5-Custom Vinyl Banners

If you are looking for an outdoor sign that will surely catch attention, then you should consider getting a custom vinyl banner. You can use this for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It’s made from waterproof and fade-resistant material.

6-Canopy Tents

Having a tent is a must if you have an outdoor event. But you can also use your tent to promote your business with a custom canopy tent. A branded canopy tent can surely attract customers.

7-Custom Door Hangers

What’s better and more effective than leaving flyers on doorsteps? Why not leave door hangers instead? There's a better chance for someone to notice a door hanger than a flyer on the floor.

8-Custom Car Magnets

Turn your car into a roving advertising vehicle with a custom car magnet.

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