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  • Photo Collage

A gift that everyone appreciates is the gift of memories, and what better way to honor them than to have them up on a wall and decorated for everyone to see? The reason photo albums and photo collage gifts are so meaningful and so appreciated is that these DIY gifts remind us where we come from and the people we can always depend on.

How To Make It

Gather up scissors, glue, poster board or illustration board, glitter, gems, rhinestones, ribbons, markers for writing down captions, and anything you can add that you feel bears significance or meaning for the photos. There aren’t any real rules to this as this depends completely on your preferences including your friends’, as this is all about memories and good times you’ve had together.

  • Care Package

This is a great DIY gift regardless of where you and your best friends live, because care packages, from afar or from up close can mean so much for friends that are always busy or tired. It can serve as their reminder to always take it easy or to take care of themselves and to never be too hard on themselves.

How To Make It

You can choose to purchase any medium-sized box you’d like, but a filing box can fit more than enough. You can then choose to cushion your selected snacks, socks, skincare, or cosmetic gift items with packing peanuts or just pretty wrapping paper. Once you’ve got all your DIY gifts in order, you can choose to wrap your box or just present it as is.

  • Timed Letters

Timed letters are so simple and so heartfelt and it won’t cost you a thing. Timed letters are a pack of letters for friends that can be opened whenever they’re feeling a specific emotion. For example, one letter will encourage your friend to open it when they’re sad, wherein you’ll have a special and heartfelt message within that can help them pick themselves up.

How To Make It

All you’ll need are bond papers or stationery, colorful pens, or for a twist, pick glitter or metallic pens. This is where you will pour your heart out for words of encouragement since you know better than anyone what your best friend goes through or what they’re likely to go through. These are for when you aren’t there in the moment, they can still have a part of you with them.

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