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Best 9 Essential Materials For Your Cricut Projects

It can be really overwhelming to look for materials to use with your Cricut – anything is possible with the Cricut, and there’s a huge wealth of information and materials out there.

So here’s our rundown of 9 must-have materials that will help you to get creative with your Cricut and get going with some amazing projects.

1 - Everyday Iron-On vinyl

This is fantastic for a vast range of projects and is absolutely essential to have in your Cricut toolkit. This vinyl can be used on a huge variety of materials and can be used with all Cricut machines too.

2 - Infusible Ink™ Transfer Sheets Patterns

This is great to use with the Mug Press or EasyPress to add colourful and fun patterns to the background of your projects.

3 - Heat Resistant Tape

It’s always extremely useful to have a roll of this on hand during the making of any Cricut project. This tape is perfect for keeping your design perfectly in place during any heat press transfer taking place. It can be used with the Cricut Heatpress or even your household iron.

4 - Metallic Adhesive Foil

As the name suggests, this can be used to give a metallic and shiny finish to your projects. This is completely removable too, meaning that you can stick this on virtually anything you can think of!

5 - Cricut Joy™ Smart Iron-On™ Glitter

This can be used with your Cricut Joy to add a glittery and colourful finish to your designs. It can be used without a cutting mat too, so it’s incredibly easy to get going with using it.

6 - Bulk Transfer Tape

Not one of the most fun looking materials we’ve featured here, but transfer tape is essential for doing what it says on the tin: transferring your vinyl cuts to whichever surface they’re being stuck to. It’s easy to use and can be used with all Cricut models.

7 - Foil Transfer Sheets

These are ideal for adding rose gold, silver or gold foil as a perfect finisher for your projects. The Foil Transfer Sheets are also optimised for the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool, a vital piece of kit if you’re looking to add some shine to your projects.

8 - Smart Paper Cardstock

These are available in every colour of the rainbow, and also work without a cutting mat. The paper for this cardstock is adhesive-backed, so has everything you need to just print and go!

9 - Chipboard

If you’re looking to experiment beyond paper and card, picking up some chipboard could be just what you need. This adds a real sturdiness to any project you create and is a great springboard for trying some new Cricut crafts. Perfect for cake toppers and any 3D projects.

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