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Make It Short, Easy, Catchy

A lot of multi-million dollar companies built their brand’s persona from the ground up using a slogan that’s short and to the point but communicates their brand’s values and mission. Some examples are “Just do it”, “I’m lovin’ it” or “Challenge everything”. You might have even recognized these brands just by reading their slogans. Have a slogan that’s simple but is catchy and has staying power.

Eye-Catching Logo Style And Design

It isn’t all about the slogans as posters and logos bear a lot of importance when it comes to building your brand’s persona. You will want to create posters and logos with a signature color that one will recognize even with one quick look. For example, it isn’t hard to look for or spot McDonald’s franchises as they’re easy to find thanks to the signature yellow M and mixed red and yellow coloring for their buildings and infrastructures.

Clear Product Marketing

So your poster and slogan are going digital so you can share your eye-catching style and design to a wider audience, but how do you show off your products or collections? Before you take your product’s photograph, make sure that your logo is not obstructed on the poster. Incorporate your eye-catching color and have a dedicated style and design. Can you imagine Kylie Cosmetics for example without the signature pink? No, neither can we.

Clean-Cut Logo

Your poster and slogan are not enough of an identifier for your brand, since your logo, whether it consists of words or just shapes or an illustration of a person or thing is what makes or breaks your business’ branding. Your text or font type should be clear-cut and won’t have the danger of being mistaken for something else or being mispronounced. Having clear branding in your logo will prevent miscommunication and keep you from being dismissed by consumers. You want to be taken seriously, and so your name or logo should be clean-cut.

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