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  • Couples Bucket List

This is a gift that requires little work and budget as this meaningful DIY gift is a hodgepodge of creative writing, lettering, and decorating stationery or paper. This DIY present is for couples that are outgoing, that want to conquer things together, and what better way to keep track of them than to gather them all on a creatively decorated bucket list?

How To Make It

If you’re a stationery buff, then you’re halfway there, although you can work with any paper at all. Add to this, some glitter or metallic pens you can purchase from the bookstore and other stickers that may strike your fancy. Once your tools are all complete, all you have to do is create colorful checkboxes, writing down “go on a road trip” for example next to one.

  • Bath Bomb Jar

This one is for the guys that don’t know what to get their girls. The thing is, guys, your significant others just want a relaxing night, preferably a nice warm bath where they can forget about work and daily stressors. They don’t really need expensive gifts, just ones that will help them relax. Why not gather up their favorite bath bombs and toss them into one big mason jar. Not only will this be an adorable and inexpensive gift, but it’ll be a colorful addition to the bathroom or decoration with use.

How To Make It

All you need are your significant other’s favorite bath bombs, a mason jar, and a colorful (optional) ribbon. This is a meaningful and thoughtful DIY gift that can help your significant other relax. This is one of the best ideas for couples that want to relax together.

  • Initials Necklace

This is for couples that are proud of their pairing and is a meaningful way to have your significant other close to you wherever you are. This DIY gift may require a little bit of craftiness, but it’s a DIY present that’s simple and very easy to execute. Instead of buying your partner jewelry, make these instead and see how much they appreciate a gift that was all DIY.

How To Make It

You’ll need roll chains or ball chains, jump rings, and bracelet clasps that can all be found on the internet. You’ll need pliers as well in order to fix the chains and the clasps together. Since these all come with gaps already, all you’ll have to do is twist them into place with your pliers. For the initials of your names, you can order either sterling silver charms or just alphabet silver beads. It is important to note that the silver charms will last you longer than plain beads.

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